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  • Kerry I have now been on a waiting list for 3. When they run out of payees into Social Security, Medicare you should feel like a leech that sucked the blood out of these entitlement programs.
  • Lionel I propose all people without children should receive less benefits — husband or not. But by the end of your four years, you will definitely know a quality woman when you see one.
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  • Kieth Please speak on what you know and stop spreading untruths that can lead to population control i. The greater good of the country at stake here.
  • Boris And all the responses against her are filled with hate and, ironically, yet more advice to women. If it helps, just imagine that a graduate of your alma mater addressed an analogous message to the young women there.
Jason OPINION: Letter to the Editor: March 29, 2013
  • Karen Driving dangerously fast on a snowy road, Jeffrey loses control; the car slides down the mountain and crashes in the woods, breaking Victoria's glasses. I have many European male friends who are a little older and single.
  • Kieth If my mom, an eastern-European refugee, said what Mrs Patton wrote, I would have been amazed at the logic, and giggled about how politically incorrect it was. Jin-Goo begins to live with his mother-in-law.
Willie OPINION: Letter to the Editor: March 29, 2013
  • Donald The demographics of the developed world are aging.
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  • Glen Years later, Jin-Goo is now an adult.
  • Buddy And this is what she chose to publish.
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  • Dwight It seems the ones who are still single are single for a reason. That's a shame considering the interesting subject.
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  • Darren And it keeps the class gap from growing even wider than it already is, which is also good for the community.
Henry OPINION: Letter to the Editor: March 29, 2013
  • Jeff او با درون قانون حرکت می کند اما به زودی به دلیل همسرش ازدواج می کند.
Guy Young & Beautiful (2013)
  • Antwan Mrs Patton, by contrast, chose to write down her advice.
Oscar Young Mother: The Original (2016)
  • Hector The author of this letter is sharing an opinion based on a very specific experience she had; a group of intelligent, well-educated young women are in need of advice on how to manage their personal lives, since the only advice anyone seems willing to give intelligent, well-educated young women these days is how to build an exceptional career. The girls are initially hostile to Lucas, but Victoria recognizes him after he gives her a pair of glasses and she can see properly.