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Brant Deutschland sucht den Superstar (season 6)
  • Jacob He was a fan favorite among the girls.
Frances Vanessa Struhler
  • Craig Although considered a joke contestant, he was well known for being a favorite and possible winner of the competition until his elimination. Rigardu la por trovi klarigojn pri kiel fari tion.
Ignacio Deutschland sucht den Superstar (season 6)
  • Armand This season is hosted by Marco Schreyl.
  • Manuel He was a fan favorite due to his excellent performing and entertainment rather than his voice. After the initial show had 19.
Kris Vanessa Krasniqi
  • Lupe Th is m odule can be used in presentations and other information-sharing activities.
Max Vanessa Krasniqi
  • Hugo Throughout the competition, he was known to sing songs by female artists.
Sanford Vanessa Krasniqi
  • Wade Struhler was focusing on Eastern European and Asian markets, and she achieved a Promo Tour in China and gave a concert in Poland. The judges in this season are Dieter Bohlen, Nina Eichinger, and Volker Neumüller.
  • Morgan Currently, the singer is generally focusing on Eastern European and Asian markets, and she just finished her Promo Tour in China and gave a concert in Poland. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Deutschland sucht den Superstar 1.
Robert Deutschland sucht den Superstar (season 6)
  • Kent The album managed to peak at No. She rose to fame after taking part in the of the German talent show.
  • Noel. Vanessa Struhler's second album Independence was released in 2004.
Denver What the public needs to know about Vanessa's Law
  • Ismael She successfully passed the first stages of the show and earned a place in the live shows. In 2008 she was a participant at where she achieved 4th place.
  • Hugh She was eliminated in the Top 8 on 17 March. La ĉi-suba teksto estas aŭtomata traduko de la artikolo article en la , farita per la sistemo on 2014-02-15 00:05:04.
Toby Vanessa Struhler
  • Kelvin She has consisent high placings in the show and has been a contest winner. She attended both elementary and high school in her hometown and continued to pursue her professional career.
Michelle Deutschland sucht den Superstar (season 6)
  • Parker However one day before the first mottoshow, contestant quit the competition bringing Bowers back into the Top 10.
  • Jerrold Vanessa Krasniqi Born 1994-06-22 22 June 1994 age 25 , Genres , Occupation s Singer Instruments Vocals Years active 2008—present Vanessa Krasniqi born 22 June 1994 is a singer of origin. After the show, Struhler teamed up with producer to create her debut album.
Quinn Vanessa Krasniqi
  • Ramon En januaro 2009, Vanessa nuntempe surbendigas novan albumon. Ŝi havas pli junan fraton, kristanan.