Turbo 350 vacuum line diagram. Automatic Transmission Vacuum Lines at Summit Racing

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  • Jim The car will move however it wont shift automatically, it controls when the tranny shifts based on engine requirements. If there is a lot of repetitive flexing copper lines can get hard and brittle and could possibly fail on you.
  • Wyatt Overall, the Turbo 350 is a dependable transmission that is basic, easy to repair, and not to mention, affordable for just about anyone. The upper bellhousing bolts can be difficult to access.
Frances Turbo 350 Vacuum Line
  • Esteban You can also get a prebent vacuum modulator line, looks like you need one of those also in your one photo.
  • Elmer Take some brake parts cleaner with you if you really want to get a good look at it. There is normally a relay connected to the brake light circuit which kills power to the lock-up converter.
Amy TH350 vacuum line
  • Parker The final fault with the 700R4 is a non-functioning overdrive gear. Here they are and I believe I am following along the right path.
Berry help wiring lockup on th350c
  • Brock I would prefer to get all original lines connected as much as possible. The fittings on the transmission should be held stationary with a second wrench to keep them from moving while the lines are tightened.
Cecil Vacuum Lines on 305 Engine
  • Marcelino Because vacuum circuits will vary based on various engine and vehicle options, always refer first to the vehicle emission control information label, if present. Check for automatic upshift points and first gear starts from a standing stop.
Donny how to get vacuum for th350?
  • Isidro Used Grade-8 washers as shimming material if the clearance is excessive.
  • Maynard This Tech Tip is From the Full Book,.
Ismael th350 Transmission Vacuum line to intake???
  • Brice To help guide the transmission onto the engine, make a couple of guide studs.
  • Stephen If the problem persists, the forward, intermediate and direct clutch plates may be slipping.
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  • Sonny It's interesting that it isn't illustrated on the emission control label. The 'tip-in switch' monitors manifold vacuum aka, engine load to allow for an immediate decrease in ignition timing when the throttle is rapidly opened.
Jamal Vacuum Lines on 305 Engine
  • Dwight Here it is, Notice that it looks like a box with a slice taken out of the corner. As the transmission is raised into position, slide it over the dowel pins.
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  • Lionel Some high-performance converters are also set up for larger bolts than the factory converters. The pressure switch could be the ground connection from the lock-up solenoid single connection or it could be in-line between the relay power and the solenoid two connections.
  • Mac Due to its small size, it is easily forgotten.