The hills blonde. List of The Hills cast members

Damon Urban Dictionary: The Hills
  • Jed However, this would be intolerable and even hellish if regular-looking people pulled this.
Manuel Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
  • Stanley After incapacitating Doug, Lizard continues to pursue Ruby and Catherine.
Burt Urban Dictionary: The Hills
  • Vernon The scene depicts Jenner returning to his apartment after seeing Cavallari's limousine off to Europe.
  • Salvatore In , Pluto makes a small, one-panel appearance, which depicts him finding Catherine in the Carters' trailer.
Bruce List of Mutants in The Hills Have Eyes
  • Aubrey In May, she and Pratt made their final appearance on The Hills halfway through the sixth and final season.
  • Patricia Our hero seeks for revenge, but he stands alone.
Kimberly Heidi Montag
  • Quentin His head and jaw are deformed, and he has pieces of flesh and skin missing. Later, while surveying the Carter family trailer, Goggle is brutally attacked by the Carters' other dog, Beast, who tears his throat out and brings his severed arm, with his walkie-talkie still in hand, back to the Carters.
  • Orville Bobby Carter later finds him in the hills eating Ethel's heart.
Elias Isaac Dunbar
  • David When the family's pet dog, Beauty, is accidentally let out and runs into the hills, she is found by Goggle, who dismembers her and eats a portion of her leg, leaving Bobby Carter to find her remains.
  • Randell Sometime in the fifties during the , the American government forced the populace of a mining town off their land to perform in the area, unaware that the town's inhabitants fled to the nearby mines, where they were exposed to radiation given off by the atomic bombs being tested.
Philip List of The Hills cast members
  • Dario Letch is poised to rape Amber, but his foot is sliced by Napoleon's bayonet, and then Amber repeatedly stabs him with the bayonet, killing him. It was followed by sequels Sweet Little Lies and Sugar and Spice in 2010.
  • Grant Napoleon manages to shoot him, and Chameleon throws him into a wall.
Merlin Isaac Dunbar
  • Donn In February 2011, Montag made her feature film debut as Kimberly in.
  • Josh Later that year, they made controversial appearances on the of the of.
Curt List of Mutants in The Hills Have Eyes
  • Otto Blair and her men find two female soldiers; Lieutenant Bishop and Jones, bagging and tagging the crucified bodies of the police who came before the army, and successfully capture, bound, gag, strip and gang rape the two women.
Bradley The Hills Have Eyes
  • Keven He also walks with a limp and has a large neck brace grafted to his body. I promise you that he will loose five of his men for every one of my hombres killed.
  • Gabriel In The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning, Hades, in a plan to hijack one of the tanks brought in by the army for their assault on the mutant town, decides to use Suzie as a distraction. The following month, she confirmed to that she had undergone a and five months prior.
Katherine List of The Hills cast members
  • Davis Tim Egelhoff, formerly of Crested Butte's Timberline restaurant.