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Bernie Tantra Sex Weekend Workshop
  • Ethan With our Tantra massages, seminars and trainings we provide a delightful and safe space in which to experience sensuality and spirituality. In principle, you only need a place to stay overnight, because we have the workshop during the day in the lounge.
Heather Tantra in Berlin
  • Carol It provides us with a deep understanding of the functioning of the universe and its principles. And because we also want to be there with pleasure and pleasure, we do not organize more than five or six events a year.
  • Esteban Every day and every hour is a different situation, a different feeling — just do what is right for you at that time. Wir freuen uns auf Sie, Ihre Freunde und Bekannte! Our offer is also suitable for couples.
Wm Tantra Seminars
  • Donald Massages and body rituals bring the ancient tantric teachings to life. We learn elements of tantric Berührkunst , which allow us to release hidden blocks, the order — Experience limiting habits and patterns , as well as the expansion of our authentic female or male self-perception.
Manuel Tantra for couples
  • Michel The Kashima is performed in adjourning rooms, with your partner close by, to ensure an undisturbed, yet parallel experience in a mutually perceived protected area.
  • Adrian Tantra massage has brought us as a couple even closer.
Wendell Tantra Festivals in Europe 2020
  • Javier Newsletter You want to stay updated about events such as presentations, seminars or webinars? What is the essence of ancient Indian tantric rituals? Together with the confirmation of participation, you will receive a mailing list and all important information by e-mail. More at peace with myself and the world.
Earnest Sensual Tantra Massages in Berlin
  • Joel Das Neo-Tantra könnte man als update der ursprünglichen Lehre ansehen und entwickelt sich stetig weiter. Tantra massage - individual training With our individual training program, we offer a protected space that makes it easier for you to open up, explore and test yourself.
  • Stephanie Tantric massages - our masseuses and masseurs Our team includes employees with a verified Tantra massage training certification only. Our Showing allows you an immediate impression of the physical and energetic action of the massage ritual.
Marshall Tantra for couples
  • Harley You will receive instant feedback on the quality of your performance, and will learn how to create presence through touch.
  • Kathleen This can be limited to the external, but also go deep inside and speak to our soul.
Van Tantra Massage Circle
  • Sal We use various methods of physical and sexual therapy of western and eastern origin and offer you a wealth of tantric background knowledge.
Boris Discover new ways of sensuality and sexuality
  • Guillermo Abwechslungsreiche tantrische Gruppenübungen, Meditationen und Atem-Arbeit bringen Dich wieder in guten Kontakt mit Deinem Körper. The weekend will allow you to free yourself from old conditionings and belief systems concerning yourself and sexuality.
Reynaldo Tantra Seminar Magic Of Spiritual Tantra Lounge
  • Grover In addition to learning Tantra massage, we aim to convey to you an internal attitude of reverence, respect and devotion. Within walking distance there are in the district Moabit plenty of restaurants and breakfast deals for little money.
  • Debra At a joint dinner we have the opportunity to take on deeper issues and experiences in the group auszutauschen. A few tips for newcomers A Tantra seminar is nothing like what you already know.
Cedric Tantra introductory seminars
  • Herbert Tantra Massage Circle With our guided massage evenings we would like to invite people who have already completed training in tantric body work to deepen and broaden their knowledge of massage together.
Howard Tantra massage seminars
  • Graham Further contents are quality and presence of your touches, which we discuss and improve in company. But all seems to have something in common: the search or longing for something that can not be described so easily — for warmth, humanity, connectedness.
  • Grady Somit ist klar, um was es auch im Tantra geht: um Bewusst-Zu-Sein.