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Marcelo How can I create a Racemenu preset from a follower mod? : skyrimmods
  • Leo It would probably have to make use of the Dawnguard eye glow option or Racemenu's ability to set glows.
  • Darrell The actual eyes textures used in the mod is not mentioned in the credit.
Clarence Steam Community :: Video :: Skyrim Mods: Sylvanas Standalone follower
  • Marcus Sylvanas gave him a gold coin and told him to keep it until he was old enough to buy his first sword.
  • Will During the Second War, the high elves initially sent only token support to the , though Sylvanas' older sister Alleria took her squad of rangers and joined the fight against the as well.
Tad SSE Futa
  • Willie After being challenged to by defector , Sylvanas managed to overcome him in combat, but in the process revealed to the rest of her Horde loyalists that they truly meant nothing to her.
Dane Lady Sylvanas (Armor)
  • Forrest You will be facing against a Draugr Death Overlord be careful he uses disarm and relenting force shout if you captions on you can quickly remove your weapons before it hits you.
Sherman Tamriel Vault
  • Graham All except dragon unless you want to craft dragon arrows to hit like a truck.
  • Fritz She spoke to him of a potential invasion of Quel'Thalas from the Horde and met Nathanos' young cousin,.
Louis Lady Sylvanas (Armor)
  • Ramon As his Banshee Queen her role in his army was to raise the fallen soilders into his undead army Conjuration.
  • Frank Is it possible to get something close to that for a player character? Chief Yamarz- can be your tank if choose to have one if you kill the giant he will be reanimated with 1,200 hp. A option to get female on female with male animations, is to try follow me for sex mod it gives a dialogue option to give or receive.
Stan Skyrim SE: Sylvanas
  • Cedric I can also do some texture work.
  • Dario I am always accepting of helping, as for undead type spells there are quite a bit of necromancy spells.
Anton Lady Sylvanas (Armor)
  • Reginald Let me preface this with the information that I am a pleb when it comes to RaceMenu usage and such.
Kermit How can I create a Racemenu preset from a follower mod? : skyrimmods
  • Glenn Gaaaaah, sorry man, it was early and I hadn't had my cuppa yet so I didn't read you name and just assumed.
  • Courtney After an within her ranks that killed other members of the Horde, the banshee queen is now mistrusted by many of her allies. .
Jarrett Skyrim SE: Sylvanas
  • Cory Several years later, , the betrayer of , arrived unexpectedly on the doorstep of Quel'Thalas with a horde of at his back.
  • Margaret Also are there textures that would be missing such as the eyebrows? If I generate enough interest in players who may want to see that than yes I would.
Julius How can I create a Racemenu preset from a follower mod? : skyrimmods
  • Brooks What do you think about the other parts of my previous comment? Has anyone ever attempted this or has it been done? But then everything changed for Sylvanas after Arthas, The Lich King attacked Silvermoon.