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  • Lynn Fortunately, a few kickass developers have taken note and started pouring more time and energy into the single player experience.
  • Tod Modern Combat Versus Modern Combat Versus is a former leader in mobile devices.
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  • Laurence The demand for new shooters remained insanely high through the end of the 20th century, and developers continued to pour money and energy into new titles like Doom and Half-Life. Doom The old-school Doom returns to the current-generation of consoles with a whole new style and challenging shooter experience that will amaze even the hardcore shooter fans.
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  • Johnathan In Halo Reach, the 4-player co-op campaign and wave-based survival mode Firefight are perfect with friends.
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  • Alfred Last Hope — Zombie Sniper 3D While you play Zombie Sniper 3D, you will find the different experience with the gun control.
  • Blake If you have given any of these games a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments. However, its complex mechanics remain consistently rewarding and intense, even after hundreds of hours.
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  • Cody Battlefield V channels previous iterations of the game to take players through a series of War Stories. So while many of the games on this list have some sort of multiplayer component, these are the games we specifically recommend for the competitive type.
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  • Bobbie You leap around vertically oriented levels in quest of shortcuts and secrets, while combat is about finding the right angle and timing for that legendary killing katana blow.
  • Ramiro Factorio Factorio takes you to an amazing 2D world where you have to build factories on an alien planet to progress.
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  • Esteban You play in a team of three and each user have to choose a different legend.
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  • Monty If you have a favorite that was not mentioned, sound off in the comments below with your recommendation! Release date: 2020 Developer: Crowbar Collective Link: Half-Life: Alyx's level designer only played around five hours of the original Half-Life before. Do not worry about the graphics and sound effects as they are completely meet the latest features.
  • Jim You travel across the remains of Boston, known now as the Commonwealth, to find your kidnapped child. It is an Action-Adventure, and Stealth Single-player video game by Bethesda Softworks.
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  • Jimmy Some characters have a high skill ceiling, but Overwatch works hard to make you feel good whatever your skill is. True to the franchise's roots, there is no regenerating health, you can't aim down the sights of most weapons, and power-ups are scattered all around the linear but dense levels.
  • Amy The Goliath subverts your years of training, counter-intuitively going into Hulk mode when you headshot it.
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  • Roger It's also leading the charge for cross-play, with Xbox One players bridging with PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and many more. In , you play as Venom Snake, ostensibly the Big Boss spoken of in previous games, as he manages the soldiers under his command on Mother Base.