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  • Dennis At times this is awesome, as we see her in battle, but at other times seems most intent on pleasing that existing audience of dudes.
Grady Sakura Succubus on Steam
  • Jared Marina is a wealthy businesswoman who owns a well-known clothing company.
Rudolph Sakura Dungeon
  • Doug As far as stories are concerned, this is the best Winged Cloud have produced yet. Download these: Note: Beware of fake pop-ups that mislead you for being the download link itself.
  • Reuben He was very determined to win, in order to fulfill his dreams of finally representing his country for a sport he loves so much. If you do not download all of these links, this won't work.
Bobby Sakura Cupid
  • Shelby After praying, he becomes dizzy and nauseous and eventually faints.
Santos Sakura Spirit on Steam
  • Ahmed Even so, fans may finally start feeling annoyed by Winged Cloud. Despite being in the same series, however, each title is effectively brand new and offers a different cast and storyline.
  • Demetrius. As such, you can jump right into Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 without fear of missing something.
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  • Gary He pours all the coins from his already full coin bank into the offering box and says his prayer. While searching for a way back to his village, he stumbles upon two girl wielding swords chasing after two… foxgirls? Together, they will unearth great treasures, reveal secrets and hidden rooms, and recruit monster girls to fight by their side.
Sonny Sakura Spirit
  • Rigoberto What was a bit of a shock is that it feels this release contains the most risque art yet.
  • Christina If you skip one, you won't succeed.
  • Nigel All of these are scams with an exception of the nude patch itself. My playtime clocked in at exactly 61 minutes meaning that those with faster reading abilities might even take less than an hour.
Reuben Sakura Cupid
  • Emmett The release of Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 feels a bit exploitative, however, in that it costs the same amount as previous titles while offering much less from a length standpoint. WeTransfer deletes their uploads after a week so i lost my own mod progress.
Max Sakura Succubus on Steam
  • Jarrod At the suggestion of his friends and classmates, he goes to a shrine that is rumoured to grant any wish or prayer.
  • Willie The old one is what it's gonna overwrite it with and thus, breaking your game.
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  • Tommy Closing Comments: The developers of the Sakura series are finally creating games which provide both ample amounts of fanservice and an interesting, worthwhile storyline to go along with it. Most interestingly, this is the first release in the series which features a female protagonist.