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  • Rafael. Mentioning that his father would be proud of him, she commented that he was the apple of his eye.
  • Anna He was able to watch it and sketch it without it noticing him at all until Ash approached it. At the end of the episode, she was shown with a picture of Ash and.
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  • Gerard Artwork Official artwork from the In the games In the side series In Marill is one of 's three Pokémon in. During the attack by the in , Delia was among the people that were being evacuated until another appeared, blocking the ships.
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  • Eddy She sat in the stands during the , and held the trophy at the end of the episode, telling Professor Oak that she is proud of Ash.
Loren Tracey's Marill
  • Thaddeus She and Oak eventually made it to towards the end of the film, after had calmed the legendary birds and brought the storms to an end. This was seen when he knew 's was going to use while battling with his Scyther in.
  • Salvatore He was given free rein to be a rogue police officer.
Jordan Pokémon: Adventures in the Orange Islands
  • Rico They included a range of sex tools and sleazy pictures of half-naked women and sex acts on the wall.
  • Lucio When her son asked her why she had not awakened him, she reminded him that he had told her he could wake up himself on such an important day.
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  • Francisco English, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish Tracey Sketchit From trace.
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  • Sung She was then seen in front of with a small group of people from Pallet Town, cheering Ash on as he walked out with.
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  • Dirk The court heard Pogmore filmed Tracy in August 2007.
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  • Kelvin Like Tracey admires Professor Oak, seems to have an admiration for him. Oak, and , before when Ritchie and Pikachu saved them.
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  • Chauncey In , she and Ash discover under the floorboards of their house, chewing on the wiring to eat the electricity. Personality and characteristics Marill ready to battle alongside its child, Generally, Marill is shown to be a friendly Pokémon with nurturing instincts.
Hugo Delia Ketchum
  • Jon Delia stopped Professor Birch from helping Ash and his friends from getting their Pokémon back, saying that it was their fight.
  • Eldon At the end of the episode, the wild Mr.
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  • Moses When she was younger, she dreamed of becoming both a model and a , but abandoned those dreams to run the restaurant after was born. It was also revealed during the film that she was once a student of , along with.
  • Dustin Misty says no, but Georgio offers to battle her—if he wins, Misty will go the ballgame, and if not, she'll never have to see him again.