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  • Myles Another meaning is out of control, wild, or crazy.
Collin Telephone Left off the Hook
  • Terrence Knowing when and how to use an expression requires knowing what it means—they're two sides of the same story.
Johnny Solved: Infirm parent keeps leaving phone off the hook
  • Emil Around noon on Thursday, August 12, my phone started g off the hook.
  • Gilberto You can lift a telephone receiver that shares the same and listen to the phone receiver and listen to hear if the phone is being used.
Lemuel Off Hook fax machine message
  • Merle Anongirl: I solved this problem by taping it to her entryphone box with 'Gorilla Tape'! I'm using a Samsung E2600 which has a voice memo facility and it's very easy to set up.
  • Jesse There is no change in the functioning of the phone. Additionally, when a wall-mounted corded telephone is left off the hook it is very obvious that this is the case, increasing the chance of someone realising when walking past the telephone.
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  • Elton The association serves its members and the greater public safety community as the only professional organization solely focused on 9-1-1 policy, technology, operations, and education issues.
Olin Alert when phone is left off hook?
  • VincentThis phenomenon was called different things in different locales—the Jam Line, the Beep Line, and the Pipeline—and it was fun while it lasted. It means I cannot contact her for many hours at a time which is a problem if we are meeting somewhere or I need to remind her of something.
  • Aurelio Accordingly, the notion police or paramedics are best summoned via landline due to its long-developed and trustworthy capabilities remains despite the popularity and ubiquitousness of mobile phones. But if someone already had such a device for other reasons blocking cold calls etc then it would make sense to try that feature first.
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  • Rebecca While there are no perfect solutions to this problem that many people with dementia face, we have listed some ideas that may help below.
  • Raymundo I think Keiths mobile idea is probably the best. .
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  • Trey The beauty of this is that she doesn't have to touch the mobile at all so it's not another gadget she needs to worry about. Touch Tone phones had a slip of paper at the bottom of the keypad.
  • Logan In later years, however, law enforcement officials warned folks against having their number on display like that; apparently, plenty of people had copied down phone numbers and then used them later for nefarious purposes—like making sure no one was home and the coast was clear for a quick robbery.
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  • Daren The problem with the howler is that it can only be played as loud as the telephone handset's volume allows, which may not be loud enough for individuals who are hard-of-hearing.
  • Troy At first, Sam was suspected of stealing money from the safe, but he was let off the hook after security camera footage showed it was someone else.
Kevin Does my telephone receiver have to be off the hook to use a headset?
  • Devon Listen to an older 480Hz off-hook tone.
  • Cleo She has four cordless phones scattered about the house.
Ryan Solved: Infirm parent keeps leaving phone off the hook
  • Vicente There are however some exceptions, these are telephones do not require you to lift up the handset. Find sources: — · · · · January 2008 The off-hook tone also receiver off-hook tone, off-hook warning, or howler tone is a for alerting a user that the has been left without use for an extended period, effectively disabling the.
  • Irvin Off-hook originally referred to the condition that prevailed when telephones had a separate earpiece i. A wall-mounted telephone, with no table or resting place nearby, can help prevent this from happening.