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  • Chauncey Tonic was a medicinal product. I was wondering if automated glass bottles are ever uneven.
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  • Juan There is also the numbers 7,4, and 1 going around it and after the 1 is a bubble or period.
Eloy Owens Bottle Company: O within a Square
  • Stewart Can you tell me anything about this bottle? It was started in 1873 by William Eliot Smith 1844-1909 and Edward Levis 1819-1903. Archaeological evidence collected from this era contains many glass coated artifacts.
  • George These diagrams should help clarify age differences based on both form and function.
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  • Robert If that was the end of it, this would be a pretty lame blog post, but as it stands I am a fairly curious person and couldn't help digging a little deeper.
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  • Pierre Most hand-blown bottles were molded, not free-blown, which is blowing them without the aid of a mold.
  • Lenard Collectors Weekly: Do you have any books that you can suggest? Entire classes of bottles break the rule.
  • Simon The factory dates are as follows: Owens Bottle Company Owens-Illinois Glass Company Huntington 2 1919-1929 1930-c. The early patent medicine producers were some of the earliest , with and and the bottles themselves.
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  • Jackson Lindsey: That was done by engravers when the mold was formed, in reverse on the inside surface of the mold of course so that it looked right.
  • Zane Our first example to the right Exhibit D , fortunately for me, is extremely easy to determine the date of production. Or they had a leftover bunch of glass from the night before or earlier in the day and they end up starting another run of bottles for some other customer with the old glass.
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  • Nigel I actually have one of the original books form Portland, Oregon, published in 1889.
  • Monte There are a lot of reproduction bottles out there, and new ones that look old are made every day.
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  • Clifford Collectors Weekly: Where do diggers tend to find bottles? Figural were used for all kinds of different things.
  • Herbert Sorry I don't have better pictures, the glass is quite old and had been in the water for quite some time. Paquette, The Glassmakers Revisited, United States of America: Xlibris Corporation, 2010 , 28-29.