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Christian Old Pictures Of Karachi
  • Daren He designed Water Supply and Sewage Disposal System in Karachi during 1885-1895.
  • Jamal Today, it has become a widespread residential area with shopping malls, exotic restaurants and tall office buildings. Central Hotel, Karachi Central Hotel Karachi back in 1950 13.
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  • Gonzalo Twenty passengers lost their lives in the gun fight between the commandos and the militants.
  • Mickey The hijackers released the passengers after the Zia regime agreed to release 54 political prisoners from jails. Men and women workers laying bricks during the construction of a building in 1952.
Tony Old Karachi city street view. 1900 (With images)
  • Elizabeth Siddiqi ,If you miss karachi then you can visit here time to time ,but now Karachi is not that as you mentioned in your post. Lea Market in 1963 A rare shot of a busy day in Lea Market in 1963 27.
  • Joseph The ground floor is now occupied by the Liaquat Municipal Library.
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  • Tony Until then Laximi Building was the tallest. Saddar was so clean, lots of foreigner seamen in white uniforms used to stroll at any given time there.
  • Jamie May Allah help us, guide us the right path Ameen.
Noah 35 Photos of Old Karachi Locations That Will Remind You of the City's Golden Days
  • Sherman I want to leave karachi forever will you please help me? And Imran poster here it may just be a dirty place for you but sometime in life even the dirt of home is missed more than you might think possible.
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  • Terrell Its appearance symbolised a brief respite from economic turmoil which the city had fallen into in the late 1970s.
Beau Old Karachi city street view. 1900 (With images)
  • Abe I lived in Karachi at Martin Quarters from 1947 to 1967.
  • Carmelo Picture Taken By: Raja Islam The century old heritage building of Radio Pakistan located on the main artery of the mega-metropolis, M. The dead included Indian, Mexican, American and Pakistani passengers.
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  • Pedro If any of you would want to contribute anything with schools, names of the institutions, streets, hospitals, shops, bakeries, sweet marts, in Sukkur, Rohri, Karachi, Shikarpur, Lahore, Sialkot etc. Many civil servants, police personnel and ministers of the new country shifted to these tents from where for almost a year and a half they navigated the fate of Pakistan and its capital city.
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  • Colin Here are some beautiful vintage shots of the most iconic locations of the old Karachi.
  • Aurelio In the meantime Karachi got hijacked by a gang who promised roses and yet delivered nothing. Now I live in Chicago but theres no comparision as far as calling it home.
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  • Jeffry The pictures were taken by famous architect and sociologist Arif Hassan to demonstrate the success of the Orangi Pilot Project.
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  • Prince They were compared to the record rains Karachi had received during the monsoon seasons of 1901,1967, 1976-77 and 1994. Before it was captured by the British it was inhabited by Kutchhis and Khojas and Sindhis.
  • Jean Thank you for such nice memories of Karachi. Your great Grand Father was really very great and competent Engineer.