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Dominick OhMiBod
  • Delmar Body Heat is the name of an app designed to control an OhMiBod vibrator's vibration speed, intensity, and patterns.
Moises OhMiBod
  • Stuart Its name has been used as a collective reference to a range of remote controlled.
Rosario ‎OhMiBod Remote on the App Store
  • Alfonzo The app's designer is collaborating with them on creating upgrades of the software.
  • Andrea OhMiBod team acquired the product after a prototype was presented at the sex tech conference in September 2010 in San Francisco. Ohmibod has been used by , who program it to vibrate to the sound of online tips.
Deandre ‎OhMiBod Remote on the App Store
  • Brant The volume and beat of the music determines the strength of the vibrations.
  • Bruno The product was not endorsed by , although the co-creator Suki Vatter had previously worked for Apple's product marketing department.
Isaac ‎OhMiBod Remote on the App Store
  • Andre The device originally translated an electronic music output into vibrations. Area served Worldwide Website OhMiBod is an American company which manufactures.
  • Heriberto In addition to the upgrade, a smaller and cheaper 'nano' versions of the toy was released.
Tracy OhMiBod esca Visual Manual
  • Erik The product was made compatible with the in January 2008 and now responds to ringtones and voice calls.
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  • TheodoreThough the device had to work with any output, marketing of the product was aimed at users. .
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