Nylons and high heels. 10 Hot Reasons Why Men Love High Heels in the Bedroom

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  • Jennifer High Heels and Stockings They go together! I'm not just saying this, I have asked many men, and researched through many online forums, and the verdict is that every single man has expressed an enthusiastic drooling response to the mention of high heels in bed. The reasons you give are silly, to be honest, and divorced from the reality of what is really sexually attractive and erotic.
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  • Billie High Heels and Mirrors Wearing high heels in the bedroom is all about appealing to your man's visual appreciation, so why not step it up a notch and introduce a full length mirror? It's just hot when you can be completely confident about your feminine energy and stop worrying about being looked down upon for unleashing your inner sex Goddess. Some older women may have their hang ups about wearing heels and feeling like they look a bit slutty, but if it turns you both on, then I say go for it.
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  • Benny Of course, wearing heels during the actual act of sex isn't always practical.
  • Buford My wife and I are wild for each other when she wears a sexy pair of stilettos with nothing else on but a black negligee. High heels make you feel dressed up and feminine, they compliment your day-wear and evening outfits, so why wouldn't they compliment your bedroom outfits? Actually, truth be told, men want you to be theirs.
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  • Odis Vanessa Pur elegant and classy business outfit with my black nylons and black tights combined with my black patent high heels, a white blouse with wide trumpet sleeves and my hotpants. Then not only will your guy get the pleasure of having sex with you in heels, but he will also get the voyeuristic pleasure of watching you have sex in your heels in the mirror, which will give both of you a whole new level of enjoyment.
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  • Preston Please check the measurement chart carefully before you buy the item. It makes sense to wear them in the bedroom every once in a while! Practicality There is just something so sexy for both you and your partner to see a flash of your high heels during sex — whether your legs are waving about in the air above his head, or wrapped around his waist while he's thrusting you up against the wall!.
  • Tom You can beware of the point your spouse reaches their ecstasy. If you feel sexy, you are confident, which means he will see you as a sexy confident women.
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  • Lemuel Or having your wet, hot lips with red lipstick , your red nails and red heels match while you.
  • Van Because your man's eyes will be directed from the sexy heels, up your curvy shins to your sexy thighs… and what's hidden between your thighs? Personally I quite like it if my man wears his trilby to bed, so maybe it's an attraction to formal-wear juxtaposed with a raunchy intent. Sex is all about having fun and connecting with your partner, and besides it's just between you and a man you trust so there's no need to feel insecure.
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  • Eddie High Heels Can Make You Look a Bit Slutty Yes, wearing high heels in bed may make you feel like a tarty little whore, but if you're into it and so is he then who cares? Probably one of the hottest scenes for men is looking at your sexy booty and heels and the back of your head while you're.
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  • Adan I cannot understand why anyone would want a woman to wear shoes for sex — for me it is the biggest turnoff ever! As if it's all happening in another dimension and not in this life. It's that little bit of raunch you need to spice up the sex and make it seem a little bit more risque than usual.
  • Napoleon I have come up with a list of 10 reasons as to why men love high heels in the bedroom to explain this phenomena, along with lots of handy tips for you sexy girls who want to give it a go! Being a Dom myself, having the man in a sub role is also a turnoff.
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  • Monte During this I love to fondle her sexy footwear and enjoy it immensely when she unintentionally squashes my fingers during her orgasm. A mirror combined with high heels could prove to be your best friend.
  • Stacey Who wouldn't want to take that sexy woman to bed? Add a sexy mask to give an extra boost to your night and watch how he gets hard like a rock.
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  • Mitch But if you wear heels you can easily kick off when you need to, then there's no issue; just remember to kick them off to the side before you get acrobatic… Otherwise, choose positions where you can still comfortably stay in your heels like doggy style. Red is exciting, and bringing it into the bedroom at some point is a must.
  • Melissa Opening your blouse to reveal your bra and allowing one nipple out but not actually taking any clothing off is sexy because it feels rough and raunchy. You will find more details about the location I am talking about at Thank you for everyone, who already joined my YouTube Member Area! Whether you are half naked in the bedroom or suited up in the office, women in the highest heels get the most attention from guys.