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  • Bernie Chapter 2: Examined At Home For poor Matt, his medical examination was probably the most humiliating experience of his entire life. He was surprised to learn it was practiced so widely and for so long.
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  • Cyril Besides the traditions of our tribes of boys going nude our parents' other reasons were that it would strengthen our bodies and our resistance to infections and also it saved on washing and mending clothes. Each story is entirely self-contained with its own characters and storyline.
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  • Walker He was actually measured by dr's every year until 15 as at age 3 he was 4 inches long. If I dont check he's wearing it, he'd go to school commando :S An alternative we trialled was boxer shorts, he did seem to prefer these but I got sick of them hanging over the top of his pants! Most of them came back again and again so even if they got a telling off they still wanted the freedom.
  • Clark However, Gary sees things rather differently. My own great uncle, Michael Magan, who graduated from Lane Tech in 1958, says swimming nude was not a problem for him.
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  • Milford She was filling in for Goddess Isis, whose basement flooded earlier in the day — the basement where she keeps all her drag. Curious City listener Michael San Filippo grew up hearing stories about what it was like from his dad.
  • Felix And now you got young gay boys stressed about being labeled as a potential predator because of this situation. Overview When Matt received a brown envelope containing details of his appointment with the School Doctor, the fourteen year old was understandably nervous about what this might involve.
  • Jed BoyLinks may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the permission of Free Spirits. In the countryside where I grew up very few people if any seemed to ever take much notice of the fact that we were in the nude wandering about.
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  • Russell Why boys were required to swim nude So, was there a good reason to make teenage boys swim naked while their female counterparts got to wear suits? It was fun to be simply naked and more fun still to play around with each other and our parents and elders did not disapprove. So none of us boys therefore ever wore much in the way of clothes - if at all - from early spring to late fall and we would, in all seasons, and even during the cold months we would sleep in wagon or tent naked, often three or four to a bed.
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  • Dante Matt obviously needs to talk, but is he willing to open up to Gary?. However, he had no idea just how embarrassing the experience was going to turn out to be.
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  • Tracy Alternatively, you can use the drop down menus in the menu bar along the top of the screen to jump straight to a particular story.
  • Collin Us kids certainly enjoyed not having to be too careful as to whether we got ourselves dirty when playing or doing chores or such. To find an answer, it helps to know a few things about the history of public swimming pools and the evolving views on personal hygiene.
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  • Jerald Almost all of the men I talked to say young people have a hard time believing this ever happened.