Bryon 10 Best Lesbian Movies 2018 selected by Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam
  • Marquis There are free, streaming, full-length, lesbian-themed movies online, that do not require registration.
Garrett 7 Lesbian Movies Hitting The Big Screen in 2018
  • Jarvis Our first sight of the main couple occurs when a man at the bar looks around the restaurant and spots them at a table. An assured, mature piece of work that draws heartfelt performances from its leads, My Friend From Faro marks Neul as a talent to watch.
Max A List of 138 Lesbian Movies
  • Luther Based on the true story of Aidee González, a mother determined to raise her children with her partner in the Mexican border town of Tecate.
Josef Lesbian Full Length Movies, Free
  • MontyImage Credit: Simone, who leads a pretty boring life with her boyfriend, noting that the 17-year-old Anna-belle deeply hidden feelings loosens her, which she has long since felt more. Andi and Lu are excited to celebrate their upcoming wedding with a joint bachelorette weekend.
Felipe Lesbian Movies on Netflix
  • Dexter While Carol breaks free from the confines of marriage, her husband Kyle Chandler begins to question her competence as a mother as her involvement with Therese and close relationship with her best friend Abby Sarah Paulson come to light.
  • Darnell Watch the Goldfish Memory 2003 Written and directed by Elizabeth Gill.
Young 11 Lesbian Movies To Watch Before You Catch 'Carol'
  • Jefferey The film was nominated for a prize at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival. Nitrate Kisses combines interviews with four same-gender couples.
Joey 11 Lesbian Movies To Watch Before You Catch 'Carol'
  • Chris But when Rebecca confesses to her friends about her unsatisfactory love life, they set her up with an exceptionally talented high-class call girl named Paris — and, needless to say, the lives of both Rebecca and Paris are changed forever.
  • Pablo Violet is the girlfriend of a violent mob gangster, Caesar Joe Pantoliano , while Corky is fresh out of prison renovating the apartment next door. Margarita With A Straw 2014 An Indian drama directed by Shonali Bose.
Dalton A List of 138 Lesbian Movies
  • Forrest The film's technical achievements can only lift a film so high.
Damion Top 5 Best Lesbian Movies 2018
  • Tomas Warm and witty, this is a real crowd-pleaser of a movie. Their characters don't feel fleshed out.
Heriberto Carol (2015)
  • Rene Image Credit: As family members descend and the wedding day approaches, the pressure mounts until Tala finally cracks and extricates herself. Her exhilarating adventures cause a rift both within herself and with those she is closest to.
  • Martin I Love Her Facebook Page: Watch.
Nick Bound (1996)
  • Dewitt In The Secrets, two brilliant young women discover their own voices in a repressive orthodox culture where females are forbidden to sing, let alone speak out. Cheryl decided to make a documentary about the Watermelon Woman and find out more about her life.
  • Francisco The Girl King 2015 Based on the true story of Queen Kristina of Sweden, this is one of our all time favorite lesbian movies. Absent-minded photographer Polly Sheila McCarthy lands a job at an art gallery in Toronto which is operated by a woman named Gabrielle Paule Baillargeon.
Jordan A List of 138 Lesbian Movies
  • Lamar With Mel attempting to disguise her true gender at every turn, her journey from tomboy to out lesbian is fraught with life-defining dilemmas and sweet surprises.
  • Francis Official Website: Brides to Be 2016 Written and directed by Kris Boustedt and Lindy Boustedt. It is a story about living, loving, and letting go.