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Junior Self Running Magnetic Motor Stator Test #2 update
  • Jeffery Do not use aluminum or any material that will develop eddy currents. Our lecturer was an electrical machine designer and taught us all sort of things like short cording and stuff.
Trevor Model 3 Permanent Magnetic Motor
  • Barton This provides a means to throttle, stop, or reverse the motor rotation.
Tyler Is this Real ?Free Energy Magnet Motor fan used as Free Energy Generator light bulb
  • Trinidad Motors like this can put a lot of strain on the drop outs, and precautions must be taken that you do not snap your drop outs which can be catastrophic on a front wheel drive. I believe you loose the the torque sleep advantage with Permanent magnetic motors.
  • Emile When I started writing about alternative energy, I was also amazed by the sheer number of videos on YouTube that were showing magnet motors of all sorts, and how these were supposed to revolutionize the energy industry and rock the world as we know it. It turns out that the headline was incorrect.
Karl Is this Real ?Free Energy Magnet Motor fan used as Free Energy Generator light bulb
  • Hank Sadly there are those out there who feel it's their duty to lie and mislead you about my research. Forgot one: The case is now black and a new Label.
Elijah Is a Permanent Magnet Motor Feasible?
  • Lester I have tried this particular demo and it sticks. The law of conservation of energy This states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed.
  • Hans Likewise, it is easy to imagine how the attract and repel power strokes of the permanent magnets can be used to generate continuous motion similar to the design of a conventional electric motor or a combustion engine. His review and testimonial is all of his own doing.
Claudio Stepper Motor : Basics, Types and Working
  • Micah Now I can rest with a clear conscience.
  • Brice I'm not sure what A,B,H, or Sc mean in this picture, so I'm ignoring them and ignore the arrow at the top.
Brad Magnet motor revelation
  • Oliver The little 2 pole test rig is all anyone need build in order to gain understanding. Amongst my build goals was a desire to build a practical field deployable magnetic loop antenna, which would fit easily into my skipulk or backpack.
Dick ASI Mac Motor Documentation and Purchase Guide
  • Elmer Theoretically this kit could also use a 36v pack but it is unlikely any commercial pack will handle that amount of current required to produce 1700W.
  • Joaquin It comes from iron ramps between the stator magnets. My thought is there is a problem with the shield as the magnets try to sweep past.
Lonnie Stepper Motor : Basics, Types and Working
  • Herschel I have been very interested in the design and have written about the motor in the two articles listed below. Ended by putting 30 feet of thin wire outside on small fishing rod because I could slightly open the window.
  • Doyle Thus reducing the I2R losses in the rotor. I encourage you to keep up the good work! Most permanent magnets you buy today are made with pretty good technology to prevent oxidation or other issues - they will last 10+ years.