Lilli albrecht. Lili Albrecht: Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's Girlfriend (bio, wiki, photos)

Owen Lili Albrecht remembers her friend Cpl. Nathan Cirillo
  • Brain The group's annual turnover is around £50 billion in the 17 countries it operates in.
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  • Leslie His parents, his friends, his girlfriend, his nation, they all wonder still what went wrong.
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  • Chance In 2004 relatives of the banker Paul von Mendelssohn-Bartholdy 1875—1935 , led by his great-nephew Julius H. Aldi stores are hallmarked by their frugality - featuring basic packaging and storage on pallets.
  • Bernardo He was executive board member and chair of the family foundation that owns Aldi Nord, which also owns U.
Merle Lillian Albrecht
  • Reginald Aldi's progression under Theo Albrecht Sn r and Karl Albrecht is one of Germany's greatest economic success stories. He was held at gunpoint by Heinz-Joachim Ollenburg, a lawyer with gambling debts and accomplice Paul Kron.
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Loren Aldi heir Berthold Albrecht dies leaving £11 billion fortune but family wait for a month to announce the death
  • Noel It appears that we have reached the same conclusion after five years of intense immersion in this world.
  • Tom The family has always kept out of the spotlight, living behind fortress-like security on estates overlooking the Ruhr valley.
Erik Lillian Albrecht
  • Earle The obsession with secrecy also infiltrated the business, with Aldi managers forbidden from speaking to the press and even from speaking to managers in other districts. He was raising his son with the help of two sisters.
  • Preston Berthold Albrecht lived a notoriously reclusive life, like his brother Theo Jnr. He was captured eventually by the Americans in Tunisia, but both made it back to Germany in 1946.
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  • Blake Shared with his brother Theo Jnr, Berthold had an estimated fortune of £11. Share It also described him as a 'fighter, never losing hope right to the end'.
Heath Mendelssohn family
  • Alonzo Reports say his mother and girlfriend has been flown to Ottawa by the military. They have rarely been pictured by photographers and have never made public statements.
  • Clay Following the multiple shootings, and getting pass the shock just to learn how to cope with the shocking loss of someone they love. Mendelssohn had ten children, of whom six lived to adulthood.
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  • Mervin Rather than wasting money on fountain pens, managers are instructed to take notes at meetings using pencil stubs under 2in long. But the cause of death was not revealed in the notices, which ended with the words 'In eternal love and with grateful thanks'.
  • Paul The pair were eventually caught and jailed but only half of the money was recovered.
Chad Mendelssohn family
  • Fletcher His low-cost business model revolutionised the German grocery market - run alongside his brother Karl, two years his senior. Differential diagnosis needs to be the standard.
  • Jeremiah Determined not to follow their classmates into the mines and factories, Karl trained at a delicatessen, while Theo Snr learned the grocery business from their mother. Those close to him say he would light up every time he spoke about his little boy, Nathan was the father of a five-year-old boy.
Alex Aldi heir Berthold Albrecht dies leaving £11 billion fortune but family wait for a month to announce the death
  • Rick Berthold leaves behind five children, including quadruplets, who could inherit some of the fortune. Both brothers delegated more and more in recent years, bringing in outside business talent to run operations.
  • Margarito Mystery: The Albrecht family waited weeks to announce the death of the Aldi supermarket heir, Berthold Albrecht.