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  • Emmanuel Ms Perkins, a part-time glamour model, said: 'I can't get enough of my new boobs, they've completely transformed my life and they feel and look amazing.
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  • Geoffrey Family affair: Perkins says one of her daughters now wants to go under the knife too 'I would recommend implants and waist training to anyone who's unhappy, they've both been worth every penny and ounce of pain.
  • Irving After receiving £33,000, Sharon spent £4,500 on her first surgery which took her 34D chest to a 36H.
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  • BettySharon adds: 'When I had my implants I loved how they transformed my body, but now it's just not enough. Sharon Perkins 'I get asked a lot if my boobs make my back hurt or if they're heavy but I've not had any pain, I guess my body had adapted and got used to them.
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  • Anton Ms Perkins plans to marry Carl Hamilton next year and hopes to achieve her dream of a super-trim waist by then Perkins said of her corset-wearing: 'I can't believe the difference I've seen in three months, I've lost three stone too, the results have been amazing. Her new partner, Carl , 50, is delighted with the attention her new additions get and has nicknamed her breasts his 'best friends' Now she plans to have bigger implants with the goal of having the biggest boob to smallest waist ratio in the world.
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  • Chase Jessica Rabbit is Perkins' inspiration and she's become obsessed with emulating her cartoon curves 'The response I've had from strangers had been great, people often ask me to feel them and I don't mind at all and I always see people staring. Sharon said: 'I used to live day to day in the same old routine and was one of the crowd.
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  • Anton The glamour model says that she feels sexier and confident and that partner Carl can't get enough of her enhanced curves.
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  • Bradley The glamorous gran, who models herself on cartoon vixen Jessica Rabbit, now wants a tiny 22-inch waist to go with her gigantic assets in time for her September 2017 wedding. Share While Sharon's ex-husband spent some of his divorce settlement on a new car Sharon couldn't wait to get new boobs, something she had always dreamt of doing but never had the spare cash for.
  • Brent After splitting up with her husband, Sharon Perkins, 50, from Coventry, West Midlands, spent some of the money from her divorce settlement on two boob jobs, and the mother-of-three says she feels sexier than ever. .
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Saul Granny, 50, with Britain's biggest breasts shrinks her waist to 24 inches by wearing a corset for TWELVE hours a day to enhance her 32MM boobs (and her partner couldn't be happier)
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