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  • Quentin The rights to GloFish are owned by Yorktown Technologies, the company that commercialized the fish.
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  • Emile The regulation was implemented before the marketing of GloFish, largely due to concern about a fast-growing biotech salmon.
  • John Although not originally developed for the ornamental fish trade, it is one of the first to become publicly available. Bioluminescence is what makes fireflies light up the night sky and it can be seen in a wide variety of underwater creatures.
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  • Dalton During one of scientific conferences the picture of transgenic fish was shown to the public and it appeared to be very interesting to representative of a company that was selling tank fishes.
  • Burton Feed them a high quality flake food and supplement with thawed from time to time.
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  • Mohamed Their size, lifespan, behavior and diet are almost the same, but they have some nuances. You may also want to test your tank water on a weekly or monthly basis to make sure there are no sudden changes in water chemistry.
  • Brooks These variations include female, male and premium male. At around day 9 they can be fed brine shrimp.
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  • Elton When the bag is full, release the fish into the tank with a net and discard water from the bag.
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  • Dudley Due to glowing tetra brightness and unpretentiousness it is easy to keep them even for beginning aquarists.
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  • Kevin Check our Facebook page regularly for great coupons and rebates on GloFish water care products, nutrition and equipment.
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  • Monroe The danio schools just fine with the glo's and they have proven to be an extremely hardy fish.
  • Reyes GloFish can be found in all colors of the rainbow including red, orange, green, blue, pink, and purple.
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  • Cedric Scientific and business collaboration has led to signing the agreement and appearance of a new brand GloFish, that is now selling different kinds of fluorescent fishes.
  • Jay The sentiments of aquarium retailers towards the GloFish have also been used as an indicator of the public's positive reaction to controversial agricultural biotechnologies.
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  • Gerald This species was released in 2003 and, since then, the company has gone on to produce 12 different lines of GloFish including six unique colors and a number of species. Give them good clean water conditions, suitable tank mates, a high quality diet and they should have a normal life span of about 2 to 4 years, with an average life span of around 3.
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  • Theron Scientists were able to inject a fluorescent protein gene from marine organisms into the zebra danio embryos to create glofish. This allows the water temperature in the bag to adjust to the temperature in the tank.
  • Monte Also see: Latest Glofish Forum Discussions: Loading. The import, sale and possession of these fish is not permitted within the European Union.
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  • Tomas These are semi-aggressive omnivorous fish that grow up to 6 inches in length. Nowadays, there are the following colors of fluorescent fishes: Starfire Red; Sunburst Orange; Electric Green; Galactic Purple; Cosmic Blue.