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  • Heriberto Major international music labels had shown very little interest in the drum and bass scene until acquired in February 2016. A major influence was the original Jamaican and sound.
Russel Darkstep/Deathstep/Horrorstep/Metalstep Mix
  • Wilfred This did cause further confusion in the presence of new house music of the mid-1990s being played alongside what was now being called garage.
  • Stuart Bass lines performed with a bass instrument, whether it is electric, acoustic or a , are less common, but examples can be found in the work of artists such as , , , and.
Jody DarkStep Skins
  • Wyatt Brown Is North America's longest running Jungle Radio show.
  • Calvin Now defunct labels, include 's , running from 1990 until 2007, which played a pivotal role in the nineties drum and bass scene, releasing records by artists such as. Drum and bass is commonly played in house parties and festivals with New Zealand hosting some of the biggest drum and bass names during the festival season November to April.
Corey DarkstepWarrior
  • Don There are however many albums specifically designed for personal listening. As digital music became more popular, websites focused on electronic music, such as , began to sell drum and bass in digital format.
  • Woodrow The beats and tempo that define house are entirely different.
Elwood DS020
  • Jesus When the beats re-commence they are often more complex and accompanied by a heavier bassline, encouraging the crowd to begin dancing.
  • Nicholas See also: and In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a growing and overnight outdoor event culture gave birth to new genres in the scene including , , and , which combined sampled beats, or breakbeats, and other samples from a wide range of different musical genres and, occasionally, samples of music, dialogue and effects from films and television programmes.
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  • Xavier While the aforementioned shows in Ohio rarely play drum and bass, the latter plays the genre with some frequency. In Venezuela and Mexico, artists have created their own forms of drum and bass, combining it with experimental musical forms.
Benjamin DarkStep Skins
  • Darrel See also: Drum and bass is dominated by a small group of record labels. In 2012 Alex stopped writing the reviews, and they are now contributed by Whisky Kicks.
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  • Alexis There has been considerable exploration of different in the bass line region, particularly within.
  • Brandon Another feature of the style is the complex of the drum tracks'.
Jennifer Download Darkstep Samples, Dark D&B Samples, Bass Stabs & Rave Basslines for Ableton, Reason, Logic, Cubase and more!
  • Monroe Video games such as , ' , ' , ' series, and Sony's series from onward have contained drum and bass tracks. You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.
  • Merlin In , of the hosts a show called FreQuency on on Friday nights from 11 pm until 1 am, showcasing drum and bass during the 2nd hour of the show.
Foster Darkstep
  • Barry Some tracks increasingly took their influence from reggae and this style would become known as later to become simply , whilst with producers such as , , Jack Smooth, Foul Play, , and were experimenting with sounds and creating a blueprint for drum and bass, especially noticeable by late 1993.