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  • Tyrone I am a 19 year old submissive slut who enjoys being used in any way my dominant wishes.
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  • TedPretty soon there will be no porn blogs left.
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  • Mariano They remind whites of their new legal status as inferiors, and encourage whites to turn themselves in by depicting their slavery as glamorous.
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  • Christoper Please help Patrick, I need the extra cash for car repair? Bring back the old tumblr where users were allowed to post adult videos! Many a white female has turned herself in dreaming of the opportunity to work in a Reparations Brothel.
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  • Gustavo I love women, working with them, talking to them, just being around them.
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  • Grover Most cum-sluts claim to seek degradation, but most photos of cum-faced women show them smiling.
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  • Benito Reparation posters are a common site along public transportation systems the world over following the Great Change. Ask me anything or send me whatever you want.
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  • Bryce I imagine cumming all over them, then squiring them around town while they fear meeting someone they know.
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  • Hank But that does not mean I don't harbor kinky fantasies about owning and humiliating a couple of very nice young women who work at my company. SavePorn SpeakUp VoiceYourOpinion EpicFacial via : : : : : : : : : : : : : This is the money Patrick.
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  • Bobbie.
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  • Derek If you're a dom or enjoy using sluts, tell me what to do to myself and your wish is my command if you want to send me toys, I will happily use them and send pictures and video of me using them 😊. We keep seeing more and more great Tumblr porn blogs get shut down for posting adult videos.
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