Crossdress. Cross Dress

Garrett Are You Too Old to Crossdress or Transition as a Woman?
  • Karen She then had me take off my shirt and lie down on my stomach so she could wax my back. I got my normal picture inside and then a couple outside.
Deandre How to Pass as a Woman: A Cross
  • Dewey Make-up for men or male faces is completely different than doing women's makeovers. The inside of my sweater had lipstick on it, I happened to have been a bit careless a few days before.
Elvin DressTech Crossdresser Store
  • Shelton I grabbed a cart, and went to make my selections.
  • Harley Now the training was being done on Zoom which is a video meeting place so it would be after the training I would get to be Susan.
Shaun Crossdressing Journey by Amanda
  • Rico Similarly, I apply this technique to pretty much everything in my life, but specially to all issues related to my crossdressing sessions.
  • Lamar There is this old joke that to get rid of a headache you should drop a hammer on your toe — then you will forget all about the headache. I had another glass of wine and just watched the people in the restaurant.
Raul How to crossdress without anyone knowing
  • Dewayne To this day we still see echoes of that mindset. They were tortoise, with blue accents, and the inside of the temples and frames were blue as well.
Abdul Have you been caught xdressing?
  • Delbert I saw this cartoon online and had to pass it on.
  • Nicole After getting home from work about 1, I showered, shaved carefully, and decided on an outfit to wear. It was a beautiful day out and I was in no hurry to go back inside.
Bernardo My Husband Is a Crossdresser — Crossdressing Husband
  • Paul Well my plan for this weekend is to again try different makeup looks and the focus will be on my eyes specifically my eyebrows.
  • Edwardo Any way I got up and took my time getting ready as I wanted to take extra time on my makeup.
Murray Crossdressing Journey by Amanda
  • Dale Would you still wish to crossdress? I watched the first movie and then it was time for lunch.
  • Rolland I felt pretty confident, and really wanted to go back out. If we can do it once per month, we want to do it once a week.
Johnny Crossdressing: techniques to deal with urges, anxiety, and disappointment
  • Kip It also made me kind of happy.
Kirk How to Pass as a Woman: A Cross
  • Erin Lexi, Meghan and Shawna arrived shortly after us, within a few minutes of each other. I decided that I would change and go out for a drink at a happy hour somewhere.
  • Forrest I suppose it started with a dare, but here we are. Check back often for new products and cross dressing supplies.