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Merlin Directory of Cities and Towns in Japan
  • Josiah The two towers of Ecruteak City which include the and the are oldest towers in the Pokémon world, dating back to 700 years ago.
Walter 10 Best Cities To Visit In Japan: TripHobo
  • Dustin It is also the widest facility in the Pacific area.
  • Robt This density of incredible places and experiences is what makes Japan feel much larger than it otherwise might. Another famous historic location is the Sprout Tower, located in northern Violet City.
Willis 10 Best Cities To Visit In Japan: TripHobo
  • Grant Hiroshima is a city famous around the world as a symbol of peace, and is an area thriving in automobile and other manufacturing industries.
  • Joe It's a pleasant town with several famous historical spots such as Zenkoji, a 7th century temple. At its heart is a massive golden statue.
Marlon 10 Biggest Cities In Japan
  • Saul This connection to history is reflected in many areas of Johto.
Dennis What Is The Capital Of Japan?
  • Bud While popular with tourists, the villages are nevertheless lovely and picturesque. Nagoya is home to 2,266,000 residents in its urban area.
Monroe List of towns in Japan
  • Grant Of these, the island of Shikoku is the smallest of the bunch and is also the least visited.
  • Pedro Osaka has an eclectic culinary universe, with specialties ranging from casual favorites such as street-side takoyaki fried bite-sized balls filled with octopus and other goodies and okonomiyaki, to elegant establishments and Michelin-starred restaurants.
Dwight 10 Best Cities To Visit In Japan: TripHobo
  • Tyrone The sole human that made his abode there is named.
  • Booker Aside from temples, the park is known for.
Chester Historic towns and districts in Japan
  • Steve It has waterways, , puzzles, and multiple levels.
Walter 81 Interesting Cities In Japan
  • Giovanni It's a city frozen in time that looks like America in the 1800s in several areas. If you plan on visiting Nara, be sure to get an early start as many of the attractions close by 5pm.
  • Reynaldo As the highest social caste during the , the were allowed to construct elaborate residences with earthen walls and elegant homes. Located on the southern end of the island, it is known as the entry point to the.
Noah List of cities in Japan
  • Theodore The vast majority of Japan's attractions are found in highly urbanized areas. The town is covered with grassy meadows.